Testimonials about Dr. Martin D. Levin



"Dr. Mischenko is a "gifted" doctor.  She is skilled compassionate, and a charming woman. Her approach is honest and direct. I was confident in her abilities from the very first visit."

“Dr. Levin is excellent! The only root canal I have ever had where I have not had discomfort.” - M.T.

"Dr. Mischenko and your office staff were extremely attentive and helpful. I was a "fit in" from another dentist's office and I needed to leave soon for an important. appointment. They rushed me through and saw me quickly, all the time being friendly and professional. Was very happy with my experience at your office."

“I thought it was very conscientious of Dr. Levin to call me at home the evening of the root canal .” - M.S.

“I appreciate the ongoing explanation and narrative during the procedure. You were respectful of my questions and I felt that you were focused on giving the best care possible.” - C.G.

“Dr. Levin was very thorough-explained everything before procedure, during procedure, he was very attentive and asked how I was doing. In short, very caring and wonderful. He took me in on a days notice. I really appreciate it.” - N.M.

“Wonderful care by all staff. Staff and Dr. Levin were very considerate, respectful and empathetic.” - D.A.

“Outstanding in all respects.” - J.H.

“I appreciated Dr. Levin checking on me after my procedure and the friendliness of the office. Reminded me of my Dad’s practice! I would certainly recommend my family and friends here.” - L.G.

“No pain-Thanks!” - C.C.

“Wonderful office.”-R.S.“Best root canal I have ever had! Would recommend this office highly.” - M.B.

“Dr. Levin, Gloria and all the staff were great. Very professional and were very attentive regarding my concerns.” - E.B.

“Thank you. Great service and light touch.” - L.C.

“My best experience to date.” - B.K.

“Outstanding service to your patients.” - M.K.

“An emergency appointment (first visit) given to me immediately. With great thanks.” - S.W.

“Amazing experience. Great explanations, wonderful treatment.” - J.K.

“Outstanding attentive care. Very much appreciate manner, instructions and kindness.” - J. H.

“Excellent, very professional and great chair-side manner!” - J.S.

“I appreciated the prompt work, careful, almost pain-free treatment, and willing to see me after hours. Thanks to Dr.  Levin ..., I was able to be there for my mom’s 90th birthday.” - R.R.

“I could not be more impressed with Dr. Levin and the entire staff- a class act." - J.B.

“Loved watching the procedure on the flat panel screen.” - K.C.

“Love the explanation and being able to watch (if I want).” - P.S.

“Thanks for letting me watch the procedures. It was fascinating!” - C.K.

“Fantastic-wish I would have come two years earlier. Great office and staff. Dr. Levin was over the top.” - K.C

“Great experience and treatment.” - M.G.

“Very good attention by Dr. Levin. A caring, thoughtful and informative person - Thanks a million.” - E.C.

“Impressed by response from Dr. Levin to the emergency nature of my condition, particularly since it was a Sunday. Staff was very pleasant, polite and efficient.” - I.H.

“Extraordinary skill and patience! I can honestly say it was a pleasure (particularly given the circumstances) to be in Dr. Levin’s care.” - J.K.




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