retx3Sometimes it is necessary to “retreat” or “revise” a root canal because of infection after initial treatment. Many cases are caused by incomplete prior root canal therapy, complicated canal anatomy or contamination with oral bacteria through a leaking restoration.

Our team is experienced in root canal retreatment procedures, and can usually return your tooth and surrounding tissues to health.


Once we perform an examination using 2D digital and 3D computed tomography, various treatment options will be explained. Then we will remove the previous root canal filling materials and carefully re-clean the canals using a special operating microscope along with digital radiography. Once your tooth has been cleaned and shaped, we will place filling materials into the canals to seal the root canal system. The clinical success of an endodontic retreatment depends on many factors, including whether alterations in the natural course of the root canals were caused by previous root-canal treatment.

Postoperatively, your restorative dentist will place a new restoration or repair your current restoration. Possible complications from this procedure are similar to those in the original endodontic procedure, however, the success rate for revision procedures is generally slightly lower.* We look forward to having the opportunity to provide you with exceptional endodontic care, so if we can be of service or to schedule an appointment, please call 301.654.6077, or send us an email.

We look forward to your visit.  If we can be of service or to schedule an appointment, please call 301.654.6077. For non-emergencies, please send us an email, or complete the “Contact Us” form on this page.

*Gorni FG, Gagliani MM. The outcome of endodontic retreatment: a 2-year follow-up. J Endod 2004;30:1– 4.

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